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One of the reasons that has received so much attention lately is because of the comprehensive data Bitly provides in the form of live click data, geographic location, the webpage the link where the link was clicked, and more. This type of information is invaluable to webmasters and companies - it shows where customers are coming from, when they are coming, and what interests them.

This type of information helps companies develop better products and webmasters produce more targeted content. Detailed information makes the economy more efficient.


There was a good piece on GigaOM that discussed how could launch its own version of Digg. While this may or may not be's eventual goal (just like Digg, a URL shortener could be gamed), it's clear that the data that URL shorteners can accumulate, coupled with the rise of short URL sharing on Twitter and other websites, could amount to some innovative social media services that display popular links, rank domains, and act as a filter or aggregate of social media content.

URL shorteners, in their own way, work as aggregates of information. This can lead to some useful mashups and innovations in how people share and digest content.


A new URL shortener, Pagetweet, caught my eye. It's a little more complicated than other URL shorteners (I don't understand why it requires a security code), but when you look at an actual page via Pagetweet, it provides a useful interface for sharing via social media, seeing the number of views, and more.

Because it's so easy for companies to enter this space, innovations are constantly being made that improve the user experience. Digg recently launched a DiggBar and Digg URL shortener, which provides information on the number of Diggs and comments any article has received. This is only the beginning.

Users also have a choice - they can follow links that will provide features, or simply choose ones with only the necessary functionality to get them to a web page. All in all though, URL shorteners can improve the browsing experience.

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